Jessie Schragger z"l

Mourners: Her sons and their families, relatives and friends.
The funeral will take place on Sunday, 25/08/13, at 11.30, at Moshav Nordiya cemetery.
Phone: 09-8306000.

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  1. Arlene Rose Pukach

    So sorry to hear about the death of Jessie. I just returned home and was told that she passed away while we were abroad. Jessie was always the lady; she had her opinions but even if she was not totally crazy about someone, she would state it in the most dignified and ladylike style. Her caring for others, the amount of money that she made for charity for years by selling her cards, and her sweet smile will be remembered.
    May you find comfort in your lost.
    As always,
    Arlene R.Pukach

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