Martin Elton z"l

Kibbutz Kishor extends its condolences to the Elton family on the passing of their beloved.

Kishorit extends its condolences to Sarah and Joseph Elton on the passing of their beloved.

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  1. Alan Zausner

    Martin was a beloved friend for 39 years. His generosity and compassion were without bound. All who admired and loved him are comforted that his intellect and insights live on through his prodigious scholarship and insights.

    Always the teacher, he will always be top of mind to the cohort of students he mentored over his years of academic leadership at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, he founded. Possessing the insightful vision for the need for an institution of this type, during the evolutionary period of interactive telecommunications, is but one example of his unique thinking. Always humble, he placed his students ahead of his own light.

    It is only fitting that the Angels require a Guteh neshomeh as is Martin now to teach what true love and compassion are

    We share in his beloved Sarah and Josephs painful loss and wish that G-Ds power of healing be bestowed upon them both

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