Rabbi Avraham Herbert Weiner ZL

Mourners: Jonathan Weiner, Carmi Weiner Gutherz, Alisa Weiner Summers, and their families.
The funeral will take place on Friday, 26/04/13, at 13.00, at Kibbutz Gezer cemetery .
The Shiva will take place on Sunday till Wednesday, 28-30/04/13 and 01/05/13, at Weiner family home, 4 Caspi St., Jerusalem, from 17.00 – 20.00, Phone: 02-6525947.

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  1. Eric Weis

    Dear Weiner family, shalom chaverim
    Please accept my condolences on your recent loss
    I am Eric Weis, I live in New Jersey and my family knew Rabbi Weiner from the late 1940s.
    I became Bar Mitzvah in South Orange in 1964 and Rabbi Weiner officiated
    It was perhaps the strangest Bar Mitzvah in the history of the synagogue
    Tonight i learned of the recent death of Rabbi Weiner (z"l)
    My own father died on January 20 of this year so I too am an avel
    My birthday is April 25. and my daughter lives in Jerusalem, she made aliyah
    Hamakom yinechem etchem btoch shaar avelei Tzion v'Yirshalayim

  2. הרב יעקב לבון

    Dear Weiner family,

    I learned of Rabbi Weiner’s passing only a couple of days ago.

    My family joined Temple Israel at its foundation – for them this was teshuvah — and welcomed H. W. to his new post there. For myself, I grew up in the congregation, a strange and difficult experience for a child with a questioning mind. To his everlasting credit, Rabbi Weiner always made time for me, and no matter how uncomfortable my increasingly “inconvenient” questions made him, he always tried to answer. Perhaps even greater, he ran interference for me with my parents, who were increasingly dismayed over the years with a child who was evidently going to end up with the hard-liners. He explained, he calmed the waters, he counseled patience and respect on all sides. The fact that I remained on good terms with my parents through the years is largely to his credit. My debt of gratitude to him is endless.

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